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The Leon Washington Foundation’s vision is to be a grassroots organization that will give steps and instructions to families who desire to better themselves even when it seems like the odds are stacked against them.

Research has shown that often when families don’t have both parents in the home or when proper family guidance is not displayed, untapped potential in a child  can go on without ever being developed.

From Leon Washington’s own struggles while being raised in Jacksonville, Fla., Leon saw himself as one of those children that could have been left behind and never given the opportunities that God has blessed him with.

Out of his hardships and tough times, the vision of the Leon Washington Foundation was made clear, which is to help and encourageothers so that many other nameless youth and families can have a brighter future, not just through athletics but also life skills.

The Leon Washington Foundation will strive to enlighten, inspire, and educate the Jacksonville neighborhoods, developing programs for not only the youth, but also the parents. These programs include youth Football Clinics, ACT/SAT Prep Classes, Anti Bully Seminars, Youth Rallies, and Future Stars of Tomorrow After School Program to name a few.

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